Harmonization Center

For the product line launch of Irati Organic, compound of cosmetics, personal care and environments harmonizers, Josenea has built in Bordablanca Farm the “Irati Harmonization Center”.


Irati Harmonization Center is formed by a large Menhir. In its center, a mandala of the Universe formed by eight concentric circles enclosed by four big stones is placed. These stones are carved with symbols that have been most commonly used by humanity since ancient times: The Tao, the Flower of Life, the Sri Yantra and the Celtic Triskele.

Inside the Menhir, a chamber has been built, including a sample of every product of Irati Organic, as well as the essence obtained from Irati Forest and from the medicinal plants that are cultivated in Bordablanca. It also has information from the Irati River, which joins the Forest and the Farm. What is more, every product of the Irati Organic line contains the information that is inside of the menhir. This way, through the Harmonization Center a subtle connection among the Irati Forest, products and the medicinal plants that are cultivated in Bordablanca is created, which preserves Josenea’s soul.

Inside the Menhir’s chamber, there is an Armonite, work of sculptor Hamilton Duque. This Armonite is based on the golden number and the Fiobanacci series and it also includes harmonizing wave forms of the Universe as well as archetypal and originator information.

In fact, the Armonite is oval and inside it, the five Platonic solids can be observed (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and Icosahedron), covered by the tetrahedral star or Merkaba and the sphere. On the bottom it has an orgonite base shaped like the Lotus Flower fruit. Lied on it, we found the representative elements of the three kingdoms, the mineral, the vegetable and the animal. There are also put different types of quartz and amethysts together with gold leaf and silver. In the Armonite’s heart, a vial with harmonizing information has been included, activated by two spherical magnets

Irati Harmonization Center was born with the will to be the pioneer of thousands of harmonization centers and to create a harmonization planetary network with thousands of connected centers. These centers will reinforce each other doing more and more powerful the positive information sent from each one through the antenna that is placed in the system’s heart.
Besides harmonizing the environment, its target is to be used for the personal growth. For example, to obtain “the best thing of me” or to throw positive messages to the universe based on the premise of “I change the world, changing me”, as well as to give off healing energy to face any situation when it is needed.


Thousands of people that every year visit Bordablanca Farm will have the chance to experience being located in the “Irati Harmonization Center” and to feel its special energy.

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